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Our downloads are moving!

We're moving all of our ActivePython, ActivePerl, and ActiveTcl downloads to our new ActiveState Platform. When downloading these languages, we'll guide you through the process of creating your free Platform account. Once created, you'll get access to your very own copy of the language in the form of a project.

Learn more about the Platform

Platform Benefits

  • Mac, Windows and Linux builds all within one single project.
  • Get notified when we've made updates so you can keep your copy up-to-date.
  • Customize your build with just the packages you need.Coming Soon

Other Downloads

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[DIR] 11.x-
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[DIR] 1.x-
[DIR] 8.x-
[DIR] 10.x-
[DIR] 7.x-
[DIR] 9.x-
[DIR] 2.x-
[DIR] 5.x-
[DIR] 6.x-
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[DIR] 0.x-